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Post by Admin on Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:43 pm

Get Face to Face and go Toe to Toe!

Get away to the wonderful Mountains of Western North Carolina for a weekend of fun and challenge with some of your fellow DDO players.

General Rules
Note: Unless otherwise indicated in each individual event the following rules apply to ALL gatherings. Each Challenge will have specific rules that will be listed on its own page. There will also be one or more 'gotcha' rules that will be given at the start of play. Record keeping will be required.

  • No Sugar Daddies! You must use only what you find along the way.
  • Free to Play Races only.
  • Free to Play Classes only.
  • No joining guilds.
  • No Potions or Guild Buffs.
  • All ages welcome.
  • All genders welcome.
  • All ability levels welcome.
  • No multiclassing.
  • Must use stock stats.
  • All names must be unique. No 'xxNamexx'.
  • A before & after pic should be taken.
  • Each character, if it is a group challenge, will need a backstory that must be played to.
  • If it is a group challenge you will be assigned to a group.
  • Group challenges will consist of 5 toons in party.

There will be a Friday night mixer, 8 hours of gaming on Saturday, Breakfast & Lunch & Supper on Saturday, snacks available throughout the gaming session, and breakfast on Sunday.

Gameplay will be on a 100Mb fiber connection.

Only 35 Seats Available. Any bigger would ruin the socializing!

Each member of the winning group, or top 5 solo players, will have their weekend refunded (less travel).

Will take place at the Mountain Vista Inn & Conference Center in Murphy, NC. 78 Terrace Ave, Murphy, NC 28906. (828) 837-8880.

Registration Info Coming Soon


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