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Post by Admin on Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:12 pm

What quests are stealthable depends upon updates. Any update may make some stealthable and make some not.

I consider a quest stealthable if it can be done by a character at one level over quest level or less as there may be something when you level up that will aid your endeavor such as Trap Making at level 4. There is also NO XP hit at one level over.

For example: In December 2016 they made changes to the Dungeon Alert (aka DA) system which made it more difficult. As rogues we needed to up our game. This is the major goal of The Corner Merchants - to learn how to deal with these changes and teach them to our guild mates.

  • Keep your Hide and Move Silently skills maxed out.
  • Use the highest level gear that will benefit your Hide and Move Silently and Sneak skills.
  • Keep plenty of potions, or wands, on hand (and use them) that boost the appropriate Stat scores for those skills.
  • Some classes you can dual/multi class can provide boosts to the requisite ability scores for sneaking. While others can give an actual increase to AC.
  • Although, at level, you can usually pass fairly close to MOBs keep as much distance from them as possible.
  • Be patient. If the MOBs are active, wait until they are facing away from you or move away from where you want to go.
  • Pay attention to MOB movement patterns and use them to your advantage whenever possible.
  • Make extensive use of crates, columns and such to provide cover for your movement.
  • Do NOT do breakables unless there are no MOBs around and even then consider NOT doing them.
  • Find and use non-obvious paths such as ledges and high stacks of crates instead of traipsing down the middle of the path.
  • Immediately after using something that breaks you out of sneaking go RIGHT BACK into sneaking. DO NOT HESITATE!
  • If you fail then do a recall, reset and try again until you succeed. You can 'bank' up to 2 levels of XP so don't give up.
  • Allow yourself plenty of game time to complete each quest. It could take 50% or more time as compared to zerging through it.
  • Learn MOB control as in get them to go where YOU want and you NOT going where THEY want. For example: if there are 2 doors you can open into a room, figure out which one would be more beneficial and leave the other closed.
  • If you have armor or boots that do damage and a MOB dies as a result of hitting them it will count as a kill for you and not as misadventure.
  • Watch your buffs! You don't want your invisibility or dex buff or whatever to dissipate when you are surrounded by MOBs. Reapply them when you are in a safe spot.

Use everything at your disposal. Use traps, such as Noise Makers, (crafting can be done in House Cannith if it isn't on your ship if you are in a guild), spells (sleep, charm monster, invisibility, etc) if you class with a caster or have a UMD (Use Magical Device) high enough to use scrolls. Whatever it takes to misdirect and do MOB control to keep them away from you and unaware of your presence.

Don't do chests unless it is safe to do so. When you are finished you can then go back and get them, or at least some of them depending upon the actual dungeon.

All tips should be as general as possible unless it is totally unavoidable. Post should be used as a guide as it only tells what needs to be done to progress and not how to do it.


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