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Post by Admin on Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:12 pm

If you are not into actually running the quests in NR consider farming the graveyard for the chocolate and keys.

The keys will sell outright in the AH for 20kPP each and up to the hardcore in a matter of minutes.

The chocolates will sell toward the end of the festivities. They can bring upwards of 500PP each.

--------------------UPDATE 10/4/18-----------------

There are now 8 quests/challenges involved in NR. So, if you are able to acquire 8 keys it will be better to sell them in lots of 8.

As of 10/4/18 auctioning keys for 10k per or 80k per set of 8 with a buyout of 100k they sell within 10 or so minutes. The fastest I had them sell was in about 2 minutes.

Chocolates I have started at 1k per piece and they  don't seem to be selling that well. This is probably due to a drop rate of 60+ per completion. Will back down to see how 750 sells.


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