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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:05 pm

This is a three week event.

The Copper, Silver and Gold coins will only drop in chests.

Since it is a long event and the drop rate is fairly low, Festivult is a fantastic opportunity for making coinage.

If you are f2p it would be best to convert the coins to cookies and sell off a few at a time because of the plat limit per level. This will be a management nightmare as there are a lot of different cookies (48 total). Make sure you have LOTS of storage. If you even just buy a few DDOP and become a premium member the plat limit is lifted and the AH limit is raised from 1 to 50.

This is just an estimate, but you should be able to get

  • 10k pp per gold
  • 5k pp per silver
  • 2500 pp per copper

I will update this later as I get a better handle on it.

Update: Within 5 hours of posting in the Auction House on each server (less one) the gold coins (@10k ea.) and the silver coins (@5k ea.) on 5 servers were gone. Only 1 set of copper coins (@2.5k ea.) was gone. Total (across 8 servers) 815,500 PP.

Update: At 8 hours I picked up another 175,000 pp from the sale of 1 set of gold and 1 set of silver. Total so far is 990,500 PP.

Update: At 16 hours I picked up another 71,400 from the sale of 1 set of silver (have 2 sets of silver and 7 sets of copper left). Thinking maybe 2500pp for each copper may be a bit high. Will see at 24 hours. Total so far: 1,061,900 PP.

Update: At 24 hours 1 set of silver and 1 set of copper have sold for an additional 164,500. Current total is 1,226,400. There is 1 set of silver and 6 sets of copper left.

Update: Final Tally: 1,753,500 pp across 8 servers. Wayfinder did not sell silver and copper coins. I had reduced copper coins to 1250 each.


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