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The Admin is currently...

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:53 pm

playing & working on Wayfinder.

Check the Guild tab in the social panel to see which character I am running.

I may be off and on during the day - RL stuff ya know?

My current servers and toons:

A: Insin, Armatone, Eranator, Orlayenne;
C: Elementat, Cherinum, Mohead;
G: Utonia, Tiefdernach, Elementalus;
K: Nadaria, Mornan, Rhoanon, Unikum, Meshimi;
O: Vanamet, Sharonar, Phendera, Nachtschatte, Dusquee;
S: Rangnos, Nooria, Fredolia, Chemera, Branette;
T: Durget, Daranthus, Stickwitch, Galendriana;
W: Maadari, Shermidar, Upinde


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