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Post by Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:13 pm

The Corner Merchants is a guild dedicated to the time honored profession of thievery. As such we prefer that only rogues and rogue splashes be members. However, we will allow our members to have 1 (one) non-rogue PC for every 2 (two) rogue/rogue splash PC's you may have in the guild. I have no way of knowing so remember the adage "honor among thieves". If the number of non-rogues appears to be overbalancing the rogues I will start randomly dropping non-rogues starting with those that haven't been played in a few months.

This is to be a working guild so, everyone will be expected to chip in plat and/or shards whenever needed to upgrade our ships and amenities & buffs.

We expect you to take Guild Renown whenever possible, but by all means if it comes down to getting that awesome piece of gear or renown don't feel bad for taking the gear as PC development is paramount.

This forum cuts across servers. The servers have differences and we have forums dedicated to server specific discussions.

Guild Officers will only be level 6 PC's and up unless someone s really gung-ho.

Guild Chests are to be used primarily for Rogue related items. One for weapons, one for armor and other gear, one for crafting & collectibles and one for misc (other classes). Please keep a wide range of levels.


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