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Treasure of Crystal Cove Empty Treasure of Crystal Cove

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Yo ho ho, ahoy matey! This guide covers the event "Euphonia's Challenge: Treasure of the Crystal Cove!" taking place in Smuggler's Rest and, well, Crystal Cove!

Speak to Sailor Calatin and travel to Smuggler's Rest! Calatin can be found in The Harbor district of Stormreach (where new players arrive once they leave Korthos Island).

In Smuggler's Rest, Euphonia will be on the nearby boat where Calatin is standing. Speak with her to discover that she's in dire need of a courageous hero!

Just looking at Euphonia you can tell she's searching for a hero worthy of bountiful pirate loot:

Participating in Euphonia's Challenge: Treasure of the Crystal Cove

Upgrade your pirate hat, get amazing new items, and loot all sorts of booty by taking care of Smuggler’s Rest’s pirate problem! Tip! Pirates in Smuggler's Rest won't attack you until you've swung first. After all, they're operating under the assumption that you're just another friendly pirate. Foolish fools! These greedy pirates have also got their grubby hands on doubloons, named treasure maps, and treasure compasses!

As you explore Smuggler's Rest, pirates spawn according to the level of nearby players. The Challenge Rating (CR) of pirate mobs will adjust for a group of players between levels 10-12 so they shouldn't run into any problems! However, if the same party had a level 18 player in their midst, that could bring in some pirates with enough hitting power to put the other party members in an unhappy place. Tip! Get even more doubloons and treasure map pieces by chugging Pirate Grog, which is available in the DDO Store! Grog causes humanoids outside of Smuggler’s Rest and Crystal Cove to drop doubloons and treasure map pieces when they normally wouldn’t!


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