Mimic Hunt

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Mimic Hunt

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NOTE: This has a minimum level of 3. Mimics will spawn even on level 1 quests.

Run quests, loot chests, battle mimics, and get cool stuff! The Mimic Hunt is a limited-time event in Dungeons & Dragons Online where mimics run wild! Find out more about this event in our guide below.

During the Mimic Hunt, many chests in the game have a chance to become a mimic when someone tries to loot it. Once defeated, the Mimic gives you a Mimic Token in addition to the regular loot that would normally be in the chest. Any non-raid chest opened by a character level 3 or above can become a mimic! Even Champion chests can become mimics, and will reward Tokens in addition to Mysterious Remnants and regular loot. Every time a player finds a mimic chest, the chance for the next chest to be a mimic drops slightly, and every time a player doesn't find a mimic, the chance goes up! Players can also purchase Mimic Bait in the DDO Store to guarantee that the next chest they loot will become a mimic, even when the server isn't in the middle of a Mimic Frenzy!

Turn in Tokens to the Mimic Hunter in the Hall of Heroes to select your reward! The Hall of Heroes can be found in Eveningstar and the Stormreach Marketplace. It can also be accessed from the Character Selection screen using the Hall of Heroes Passport from the DDO Store (Free to VIPs).

Are you Mimic-phobic? Don't want to take part in the event? Speak to the Mimic Hunter in the Hall of Heroes and ask for Mimic Repellant! When under the influence of Mimic Repellant, no mimic will spawn when you open a chest, although other members of your party who don't have Mimic Repellant can still open chests and have them turn into mimics. The Mimic Repellant stays active on your character until you speak to the Mimic Hunter again and ask to have the Repellant removed.

The Mimic Hunt also features unique Creature Companions! Additional mimic companions are available in the DDO Store!


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