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Nolan Gann has asked you to protect his daughter, Nelle Gann, on her quest to find her brother. You can reach Nelle Gann by taking an Airship to the Chronoscope Excavation from Falconer's Spire in the Marketplace.

From the Morgrave University archives -- "... the Chronoscope was build on a convergence line with the Outer Planes. It represents the height of Giant civilization, or at least a decent example of their borrowing from Argonnessen influences."

From the Morgrave University archives -- "Ancient fables speak of the Chronoscope teleporting Giant armies across Xen'drik during the Dreaming Dark war. But the Dragons of Argonnessen forbade any further use as a danger to the draconic Prophecy. It is unclear what threat such teleportation poses to the Prophecy."

Heroic level: 6
Epic level: 21
Duration: Long
Heroic XP: ♦4,240 ♥4,516 ♠4,792
Epic XP: ♦23,883 ♥24,669 ♠25,456
Takes place in: The Chronoscope
Bestowed by: Nolan Gann
NPC contact: Nolan Gann
Quest acquired in: The Marketplace
Patron: The Coin Lords
Base favor: 5
Free to Play: No
Extreme Challenge: No


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