Redwillow's Ruins - L6 - House Jorasco

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Redwillow's Ruins - L6 - House Jorasco

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:56 pm

Jandul d'Jorasco recently gave her covert blessing to an expedition that ended in disaster. The archeologist Falcor Redwillow told Jandul that he'd located a valuable source of 'materials' for her House, and convinced her to provide him with significant funds and manpower without alerting her elders. Now Falcor reports that his party has been ambushed, most of his researchers have been slain, and the valuables he sought has been seized! Journey to the site of Falcor's failed dig and salvage what you can of his efforts....

Heroic level: 6
Epic level: None
Duration: Long
Heroic XP: ♣974 ♦2,080 ♥2,212 ♠2,344
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Redwillow's Ruins
Bestowed by: Jandul d'Jorasco
NPC contact: Jandul d'Jorasco
Quest acquired in: House Jorasco
Patron: House Jorasco
Base favor: 5
Free to Play: Yes
Extreme Challenge: No


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