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Post by Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:04 pm

Let's just say that I was there when Pong WAS video gaming. I started playing the PnP version of D&D in the late 1970's (gawd does that seem a long time ago).

I dabbled in video games (arcade, online and home) from the mid 1980's onward but never got into them. DDO is my first deep foray into the world of MMORPG and am loving it. I am currently on the F2P version (for various reasons) and am looking forward to dropping a few dollar into it in the near future.

As a F2P account holder I am limited to 3 toons per server so I am spread out over all eight of them. I also have several accounts for some very specific reasons regarding the newbie video guide I am doing.

Here are my current toons on my main account:

  • Argonesson - Armatone (f/r), Insin (r/s), Nachtsturm
  • Cannith - Cherinum (s)
  • Ghallanda - Elementalus (s), Tiefedernach (r)
  • Khyber - Unikum (rr)
  • Orien - Phendera (w), Nachtschatte (r)
  • Sarlona - Branette (c/r)
  • Thelanis - Durget (rr/r), Galendriana, Sandraeder (rr/r)
  • Wayfinder - Maadari (rr/r), Taremin (rr/r), Upinde (rr)


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